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Q - Do you use dangerous chemicals?

A - No, we only use non-caustic and non toxic products in your home, which are environmentally friendly, therefore there will be no fumes or odours left behind.

Q - How long will have to wait before using my oven?

A - Your oven can be used immediately after we finish our professional clean.

Q - Do you carry spares?

A - We carry spare bulbs and extractor filters that can be replaced whilst on your premises.

Q - Can you clean between the glass door?

A - Yes, We can clean the inside and outside of your door and if it is not a sealed unit we are able to clean between the glass panels as well.

Q - Do you need to use my sink?

A - No we carry everything we need, but you might need to spare us some water.

Q - How often do I need to have my oven cleaned?

A - That is fully down to you as a customer, but we recommend every 6 - 12 months, depends how often you use your oven.

Q - Are you insured?

A - We are full insurance public liability cover.

Q - Do you cover the floor?

A - We use dust sheets so your kitchen well be left as clean as we found it, with an addition of a cleaned oven.

Q - What areas do you cover?

A - We cover Tiptree and local surrounding areas.